SEGCP supports mobile free clinic organized by East Georgia Healthcare Centers. Through community support, we collect quality of life items for healthy incentive give-a-ways. EGHC serves over 600 H2A 's at labor camps, packing sheds, and health fairs during the onion season.  SEGCP organizes 2 annual health fairs and one Fall Health Expo, where we bring together many local providers to serve our needy communities. 
The mobile clinic is supported by multiple agencies such as Georgia Southern University, Mercer's School of Medicine, South University, Armstrong State University,  Medical College of Georgia, Magnolia Coastlands AHEC, and East Georgia Health Care Center.

SEGCP education programs  aim to  improve  eating habits and physical activity  among members in the community.  The program also helps diabetics and individuals in the community manage their disease. The GREEN TEENS is one of SEGCP strategies to bring fresh produce to needy diabetics and their families.  Teen girls enrolled in the project are responsible to work towards a goal through out the year.  They also provide healthy recipes for cooked meals with fresh garden produce to selected diabetic participants.  They are also the keepers of the garden.  Twice a month, they visit the garden to clean, plant, weed  and check on the produce.  Fit Dance classes are provided and available to youth by local  centers offering free classes to these participants. A collaborative agreement is made between these center to partner up for the benefit of those not able to pay a membership.   

Upcoming Events: 
February 3, 2018, SEGCP celebrates 23 years of servicing our community. Special Guest, our very own Greenteen and young entrepreneur Claudia Herrera, from Obsessed Nutrition will come and offer free Fit Dance, smoothie Demos and alot more. Come and enjoy the Fun!  Saturday 10 am to 3 pm. 
                                                     Door Prizes, Games, Walk-A-Mile Challenge, and alot more......See you !