Saturday February 3rd, 2018
Southeast Georgia Communities Project, Inc. celebrates 23 years of Service.

Stop by and enjoy refreshments, door prizes, and a Fit Dance Event; Featuring Claudia Herrera, from Obsessed Nutrition, and other Herbal Life Instructors in our Area. Event Starts at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm 


Southeast Georgia Communities Project (SEGCP) was established in 1995 as a non profit 503(c) organization.  The mission of the organization is to serve the community by promoting all  aspects of human dignity through self empowerment in the area of health and education.  These efforts allow low income individuals to become partners and contributors in  charitable efforts and support systems rather than just consumers.

SEGCP is located in  3 of the 4 poorest counties in Southeast Georgia to address health education and disease prevention (Candler, Tattnall and Toombs Counties).  These counties have a high concentration of Latino  residents working mainly as agriculture workers. However, other industries such as, poultry plants, clothing factories and forestry employ transient Latino workers.

The Sweet Onion Country,  as this area is called, has approximately 18,000 migrant and seasonal farm workers.  Approximately ½ of these workers are transient, most of them arriving from Texas, Florida and Mexico.  However, a new influx of other migrant farmers comprised of African American, Asian and veterans has been seen in the past 3 years. The larger part of farm-workers are being contracted as H2A's, who make up 75% of the total Latino population and who are residents who are temporarally in our community to work in agriculture. 


  • To serve as liaisons between health and  service providers for the growing Latino community.
  • To educate through health prevention education, workshops, outreach efforts
  • To help  the Latino community navigate within the social and medical services available in their community

300 S, State Street Lyons GA 30436

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